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Dog Training Software
Comes with Master Resale/Giveaway Rights! 
Added on July 31, 2014
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Dog Training Software
filesize: 340 KB
Headline: "Are you looking for an easy way to boost your niche marketing business? Top Quality YouTube Video Organizer Software Tools Is As An Easy Way To Generate Profits!" 

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Quit Smoking Software
Comes with Master Resale/Giveaway Rights! 
Added on July 31, 2014
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Quit Smoking Software
filesize: 340 KB
Headline: "Are you looking for an easy way to boost your niche marketing business? Top Quality YouTube Video Organizer Software Tools Is As An Easy Way To Generate Profits!" 

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Internet Marketing Tips-Let
Comes with Givewaway Rights! 
Added on July 31, 2014

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Internet Marketing Tips-Let
filesize: 516 KB
Headline: "Tips on how to be successful in internet marketing!" 

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Tee Spring Profits
Comes with Master Resale/Giveaway Rights! 
Added on July 11, 2014
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Tee Spring Profits
filesize: 3.3 MB
Headline: "Selling Custom Designed T-Shirts is Now an Easy Way to Make a Fortune! Selling Custom Designed T-Shirts for High Profit Requires Great Ideas, Low Expenses, and Effective Marketing Channels to Generate Sales!" 

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The Money Mindset
Comes with Master Resale/Giveaway Rights! 
Added on July 11, 2014
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The Money Mindset
filesize: 3.6 MB
Headline: "The Wealthy Have Learned That in Order to Find Financial Freedom, it is Crucial to Have the Proper Mindset Making Wise Decisions and Directing Your Course Into Correct Actions That Accumulate Wealth!" 

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Creating a Successful Membership Website
Comes with Master Resale/Giveaway Rights! 
Added on July 11, 2014
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Creating a Successful Membership Website
filesize: 548 KB
Headline: "Get The Most From Recurring Income By Creating a Successful Membership Website!" 

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Conquer Your Fears
Comes with Master Resale/Giveaway Rights! 
Added on July 11, 2014
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Conquer Your Fears
filesize: 1.6 MB
Headline: "Are you feeling like your fears are stopping you? Guide Reveals 10 Techniques To Conquer Your Fears Once And For All!" 

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WP Shield
Comes with Master Resale/Giveaway Rights! 
Added on July 10, 2014
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WP Shield
filesize: 1.0 MB
Headline: "Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Stop Thieves Stealing Your Software Or Ebooks Directly From Your WordPress Download Pages - By Making Your Download Links Expire Automatically!" 

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Aquarium Tank Video Site Builder
Comes with Master Resale/Giveaway Rights! 
Added on July 10, 2014
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Aquarium Tank Video Site Builder
filesize: 800 KB
Headline: "Instantly Create Your Own Complete Moneymaking Video Site Featuring Adsense and Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages, SEO Solutions and Much More...Built Automatically in 2 Minutes Flat!" 

Comes with a salespage? YES 
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Not free PLR, but darn good

*****Gordon Ramsay's Masterchef with PLR, huh?****

How would you like the chance to get full PLR rights to Gordon
Ramsay's Masterchef Reality Television show?

What if you could resell all of that ultra cool content as your
own, or even rip apart all of that content and create your own
new products from it?

Well, unfortunately that's not possible, but I have the next
closest thing that just came available with rights.

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Jeremy Burns, the Guy that has created over 450 products from
scratch recently sold all of his long running websites just five
months ago so he could focus on this one thing.

It's that cool!

Jeremy has teamed up with a Reality Television Producer and
together they are going to start cranking out a brand new Niche
PLR product every month.

The first product they have created is now available.

This is no ebook, or powerpoint video product! These guys are
finding the "top experts" in the niches they have decided to go
after and they are filming these experts live on camera to
create the highest-end resell rights products on the planet!

I'm talking about "real experts" that know more about their
chosen fields than 99.9% of the entire rest of the planet!

They have filmed these experts telling all of their secrets, and
then tossed in....

* A Killer Responsive Website
* Video squeeze pages
* DVD's and Streamable Videos
* Manuals and Checklists
* Blog articles and solo ads
* Offline Advertising Pieces

I could really go on all day...

This is very likely the best product I have ever seen with
resale rights attached, plus you can also rebrand it!

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I was totally blown away when I saw the new level of quality
Jeremy and his new Hollywood Partner have hit in this first of
what is sure to be many new hot products with rights.

The bar has been raised, that's all I can say!

Watch this 14 minute video now to be blown away by the quality
of this super high end Niche product!

To your Success,
Ralph Andersson

P.S. This video is only 14 minutes long, but this may very well
be the 14 minutes that changes your outlook on marketing online
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Love Resell Rights Products

Why I Love Resell Rights Products

Resell rights products or PLR (Private Label Rights)
Are ready made products.
So if you have no prior experience in creating your own products this
is by far the best way to fast track your product creation in a fraction
of the time because the most difficult part has already been taken care
of for you.

Look over your collection of resell rights products. The information
you have collected cost thousands to create. You probably have in
your resell rights arsenal, membership site scripts, software,
information products, articles, recipes, graphics, templates and lots

If you do not have any, get some for free at:
Resell Rights Weekly

The authors who created these products spent significant time and
money developing these products for their customers and it’s just
unfortunate that some resellers devalued it along the way by selling it
for well under it’s true market value. That’s how the 0.99 cent eBay
digital products came to be
This is why in essence instant digital delivery products were banned
from eBay in March of 2008 because it was these very 0.99 cent
information products that were being constantly recycled and resold
that clogged up the eBay marketplace affecting the quality experience
of eBay shoppers.

Most resellers used eBay as a means to quickly inflate their feedback
rating, to grow their email lists or to sell a higher priced back end
product. It worked great for a while until eBay decided to pull the plug
on the sale of these digital downloadable products.

The announcement shook the reseller world especially to those who
used eBay as their primary source of promotion. Most information
resellers were instantly put out of business literally overnight but the
clever ones adapted quickly and saw fresh opportunities to dominate a
new playing field and flourished with less competition.

Now if you want to sell products on eBay in the US it must be in
physical form. It doesn’t cost much to burn something to CD or DVD
and you have the added advantage of being able to include up sells for
more expensive products.

The upside to selling physical products is
that they have a higher perceived value than their digital counterparts
and refund rates tend to be less for physical products. So, positive
things came out of the change.

Don’t let the fact that the information you purchased went to Timbuktu
and back convince you it has no worth because information is always
valuable. You just need to build on it to make it hot again.

Not All Private Label Right's Are Created Equal

Before we begin, let’s start with the basics. You are only limited by
the kind of resell rights you have ownership of. It pays to check your
resell rights before you use them as this will ultimately determine what
you can do with the content.

The reason behind having private label rights restrictions and why not
every author allows the original piece of work to be promoted
anywhere or to be sold under a set price is so that the content
maintains its integrity for longer and everyone benefits.

How many times have you come across reseller sites and the same
product you just paid $47 for is selling for $1? It makes it more
difficult for others to sell the same product for more when customers
can get it much cheaper elsewhere.
Even though the product is still relevant and is of high quality, due to
its pricing loses its perception of value.

When being offered the $1 product compared with its true market
value of $47 especially if it’s supposed to be a quality product you
begin to question the price. What’s wrong with it?, if it’s being sold at
that price then it must be rubbish. This couldn’t be further from the
truth in fact I have bought some incredible $1 products that were sold
way under their recommended value.

So this is why authors stipulate certain restrictions over their work to
protect the product’s quality and profitability for everyone for as long
as possible.

Know Your Rights

Personal Use

No resell rights. This means that the product is for your own personal
use and that under no circumstances are you allowed to resell it.

Giveaway Rights

Give Away Rights entitles you to pass on a product free of charge and
cannot be sold or the resell rights passed on. The purpose of
giveaway rights is usually twofold:

1. It allows the author of the to gain some free viral exposure
through other people’s giveaway efforts

2. Although the person giving away the product cannot sell it, it at
least allows them to give something free and of value to their
customers. This could be a great opportunity to use the product
as an incentive for people to join their newsletter list.

Rebranding Rights

With these types of rights you are not permitted to alter the content in
any way however the author allows you to rebrand (usually with some
type of rebranding software provided with the product) the affiliate
links within the product with your own.

You are not allowed to sell the rights but you can make money from
the sales generated through your rebranded affiliate links.

The upshot for the author is that even though they forfeit the money
from their affiliate links because they now go to you through your
rebranded affiliate links, they still gain exposure to their website by
having their business details in the product go viral. It’s a beautiful
relationship for both sides, the person giving away the gets to make
some money without having had to create a product and the author
gains some free exposure without having had to pay a cent for it, winwin.

Basic Resell Rights

These are the weakest of the rights. You only have the right to sell to
your products to your immediate customer but they cannot in turn sell
that product on to theirs. These usually cannot be edited, altered or
re-branded. Although the reseller gets to keep 100% of the product
sales these form of rights favor mostly the original author where their
links go everywhere their products are promoted giving them free viral
marketing through the efforts of resellers.

Master Resell Rights

Unlike basic resell rights resellers have the ability to sell on the
product and resell rights to their customers where they in turn can sell
them to theirs.

The business opportunity is usually the most appealing
because customers know they can make money from it. In most cases
like basic resell rights, the product cannot be edited or altered in any
way and must be sold in the form it was purchased in.

Private LabelRights

These are good rights to get hold of. These are more flexible in that
you can alter the content and claim yourself as the author. You are
not bound by the same terms and conditions as the other resell rights
and you’re not promoting the original author but yourself.

There however may be some restrictions that come with private label
rights and there may be stipulations on how you can and can’t use the
content, some examples may be:

You may not: be able to sell the content on auction sites

You may only: give the product for free if sold with a paid product

You must never: sell the product below a certain price

You may not: give the product away free or offer it on membership
sites, etc.

Unrestricted Private Label Rights

These are the best rights you could ever possibly have.
It’s the ability to do whatever you want with the content with zero
restrictions. Not only can you re-edit and claim yourself as the author
but you can also sell the raw source code (which is usually the text in
the form of a Word or text document) as is, without editing.

You can also sell the product itself without editing. You are able to
give the content away as freebies and bonuses. You are able to sell
the content on auction sites and include them on both free and paid
membership sites and can sell them for whatever price you wish.

These types of rights usually look like this:

[YES] Can edit and put your name on it as the author
[YES] Can sell the Rights
[YES] Can be used as article content
[YES] Can be used as website content
[YES] Can be used for blog and auto responder content
[YES] Can be repackaged
[YES] Can sell the Master Resell Rights
[YES] Can sell The Private Label Rights
[YES] Can sell for whatever price you wish
[YES] Can sell the source code
[YES] Can sell on auction sites
[YES] Can be given away as bonuses
[YES] Can be repackaged
[YES] Can be offered on both free and paid membership sites

The only down side to products with unrestricted private label rights is
that it’s only a matter of time before they are floating everywhere

If you do have products with these types of rights the best
thing you can do to avoid the high competition with other resellers
selling the same product as you is to completely transform yours into a
different product.

Try Resell Rights Weekly Membership (Free) and a very god payed membership
To the best
Ralph Andersson.



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